Inaugural Ducks on the Duck Event

On Labor Day, Sept. 3, United Way of Bedford County plans to race more than 3,100 rubber ducks down the Duck River in the first ever “Ducks on the Duck” race.

The ducks have arrived in Shelbyville and are ready to be numbered. The owner of the winning duck will receive $1,000. There will be additional prizes for second through 10th place.

Tickets are on sale through members of the United Way board. All proceeds from ticket sales will be used to fund various local charitable organizations.

One of the ducks dropped by the United Way office this week and talked about the upcoming event. He has not received his number yet so he remains the “anonymous” duck.

UW: Are you glad to have finally arrived in Shelbyville?

The Duck: “It was a long trip from Hong Kong starting back in May when we were fresh off the production line. But we finally arrived in Shelbyville July 30. We all came over by ship to Long Beach, California and then rode the train to Smyrna before the last leg in the back of a pick-up truck. At least, we didn’t have to swim over here on our own. We would have been too tired to race.”

UW: Are you excited about taking an active part in this first ever event?

The Duck: “Yes. I can’t wait to be numbered and hit the water at noon for the race. It should be a lot of fun.

“People can buy a numbered ticket for $5 or a “Quacker Box’ with a half dozen of my fellow ducks for $25. Or they can really go “quackers” and buy a “quacker dozen” for $50.”

UW: What makes you special as a rubber racing duck?

The Duck: “We are guaranteed not to turn over. We will stay upright throughout the race.

“There will be a trap to catch the first 10 ducks to cross the finish line. A net will catch the rest of us.

“The cool part is any duck that is not caught in the net will not hang around the river for long. We are all biodegradable.”

UW: All the ducks will race at noon.  How do you plan to spend the rest of the day?

The Duck: Everything gets underway at 11 a.m. behind the old bank building on the square as well as at Fisherman’s Park.

“There will be a variety of live entertainment that should be absolutely ducky. And I hear there are going to be several food trucks though I will have to wait until after the race is over to eat. I don’t want to be too heavy to compete.

“There will be fun and games until 3 p.m. We hope everyone will take advantage of this local new Labor Day event and help United Way of Bedford County, a worthy cause.”

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